The Best Tech Presents for Christmas This Year

One way to monitor your child online is to spy on texts they are sending on their phone.

Being a young 72 year old woman, I decided that I wanted to give my grandchildren the best Christmas presents they could get. I realize how much technology has advanced over the years and I want them to see me as the cool grandma that I know I am. Getting children cool gifts is only half of what you can do.  You may even want to surprise the grown ups in your house with tech toys this Christmas. These are the coolest toys and gadgets to slip under the tree for your kids and family members this year:

My Findings

Woman installing app.
Installing an app on a phone is easy!


Until a few years ago, I didn’t even know what a text was. Recently, I have been doing my research. I want to be on top of my game when my grandchildren show me new apps and gadgets on their phones. While doing my research, I had to call my daughters right away and ask if they ever spy on texts that their children are sending. I have learned that you can make sure your child is being safe on their phone just by downloading an app! If you want to spy on texts your children are sending to make sure they are being safe, I recommend downloading this app. This app allows you to spy on texts your child is sending and can help you monitor their online identity.  I recommend looking into  it! 

A New iPhone 7

Going back to gifts to get, the (PRODUCT) RED iPhone 7 is something that teens and grownups will be thrilled to see under their tree this year. The best part, is that proceeds from the sale of the phone go to the RED charity that fights AIDS and performs AIDS research advocacy. So you’re giving a loved one a fantastic gift and helping out a very worthy charity at the same time. That’s the perfect way to celebrate Christmas. 

An iPad

iPads have dropped in price considerably making them a lot more affordable gifts. The iPad Air and the iPad mini are great gifts for older kids. They can benefit from the educational apps of the iPad while having fun with games, tv and more. The iPad is a classic for a reason. Everyone loves it and your kids and spouse would love to find iPads under the tree this year. 

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the “hottest” game system right now. Yes I said hottest (I told you I am cool)! If you want to give your kids a gift that both of you will love, get them a Nintendo Switch. You’ll be the coolest parent on the block while being able to keep them busy in the car when you’re driving them around.

If you would like any more advice on the best tech presents out right now feel free to contact me!