Canon’s Mirrorless Cameras

mirrorless cameras

Canon Cameras

There is a lot of buzz around Sony’s mirrorless cameras. Many videographers have moved from the Canon or Nikon line of cameras to Sony’s mirrorless line. Because of their ability to shoot 4K, as opposed to the “Full HD” offered by Canon’s entry-level professional DSLRs. Sure, Canon makes high-end DSLRs that offer better video quality. But it’s $1,000-$3,000-dollar line of cameras don’t have the video capabilities of Sony’s. Canon recently announced that they are finished with film cameras

That being said, Canon does have a line of mirrorless cameras in this price range. Sony’s mirrorless cameras are their most popular line, but many people are still unaware that Canon has a line of mirrorless cameras as well. The question is whether they are anywhere near as good as Sony’s. You could find out with a cell phone spy app

mirrorless cameras
Canon DSLR Camera


Canon’s DSLR Line

Many people are in awe  Canon’s famous line of DSLR Cameras. The Rebel series is a quality line of entry-level cameras, and there are many other quality cameras in their DSLR line like the 6D Mark II and the impressive 5D Mark IV, which does shoot 4K but whose body costs $3,000. Many people assume that the mirrorless line from Canon is going to be just as impressive as their DSLR line, and the truth is that that just isn’t the case.  

Sony’s Mirrorless Cameras

Again, when many photographers and videographers hear “mirrorless,” they assume that the line of cameras is going to be as effective as Sony’s. But the truth is that the Sony line of cameras is much more effective than Canon’s. Those with a Canon DSLR don’t need to get rid of it for a Sony mirrorless, as these are still high-quality cameras.

Better for Video

When compared with Canon’s best cameras, many videographers will tell you that the Sony mirrorless are better for video. They are more compact, though the weight is about the same. But being more compact is extremely helpful when one is shooting video. When one is wanting to focus mainly on videography, the Sony mirrorless cameras make a great choice.


Practicing With Cameras

EF-M Mounts

As the owner of a Canon 6D Mark II, I was excited when I learned that Canon had a mirrorless line as well. I was mainly excited because I thought it meant that I would be able to use my EF-mount lenses on a Canon mirrorless camera. However, that turned out not to be the case. The Canon mirrorless cameras use an EF-M mount system, rather than the EF of the full-frame DSLRs.

The Verdict

At the end of the day, choosing a camera is all about preference. It’s important to hold several cameras before deciding on one, that way you are able to go with one that feels good in your hands when you hold it. There are a lot of choices out there, and no real “right” choice. That being said, Canon’s mirrorless cameras don’t hold up against Sony’s. That’s why Sony’s is so much more popular. If you enjoyed this, check out my last post on how not to text your ex