Here’s How To Keep From Texting Your Ex On Valentine’s Day

A reverse phone number search is a good idea, but after Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day can be tough when you’re single, especially if you’ve just recently broken up with someone. Thanks to modern technology it’s easier than ever to embarrass yourself. How? By sending texts or calling your ex on holidays like Valentine’s Day when you may have had a few drinks. On Valentine’s Day you might find yourself searching for your ex from high school on Facebook or stalking an old ex on Twitter to see what they’re up to with a reverse phone number search.  And you might be tempted to reach out to them just to see how they’re doing. Worried that you might end up contacting someone and later regretting it this Valentine’s Day? Here are some helpful tips for preventing yourself from giving into temptation and texting or calling your ex on Valentine’s Day:

Let Your Phone Battery Die

The urge to text or call your ex on Valentine’s Day is much like the craving for a certain food. If you get a craving for a certain food it’s all you can think about. But if you wait a few minutes the craving goes away – you don’t actually want the food, you just think you do. So if you really want to text or call an ex on Valentine’s Day you should wait a few minutes after you get the idea to call or text them to let that feeling pass. And it’s a lot easier to keep yourself from sending that text or making that call if your iPhone battery is dead. Then you would have to wait until the phone was charged to make the call and by the time the phone is operational you probably will realized what a terrible idea it is to call or text your ex. So let your phone battery run out just for Valentine’s Day night.

Delete Your Ex’s Contact From Your Phone

If you’re like most of us you still have your ex’s contact information including email in your phone. It’s really difficult to delete that information from your home. Deleting it makes the breakup seem so final and you know that you won’t be able to contact that person again. But not deleting it makes it way too easy to text or call your ex when you’re feeling depressed or alone. So go ahead and delete that contact from your home. If you ever need it again, you can always use a reverse phone number search to find to find that information. Take a deep breath and hit delete. It’s like ripping off a bandage. It will hurt when you do it but it will feel better once you’ve done it. So do it. Delete it.  Really think you might need it someday? Write down their phone number first and give it a friend. That way if you ever do really need it your friend will be able to give you the information. But delete it from  your phone. Save your dignity and enjoy Valentine’s Day without texting or calling your ex.

Is texting your ex on Valentine’s Day a bad idea?

Celebrate On Your Own

Remember, you’re not defined by your past relationship with your ex. Use this holiday as a teaching moment – and a reverse phone number search someone you’ve recently wanted to get in touch with again! Even if it doesn’t turn into a romantic relationship, a blossoming friendship is even better.