Setting Up Your Own Blog

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Once I started to learn more about technology and spend more time on the Internet, I figured I should start this blog. Blogging is a great hobby, and you can even make some extra money doing it. Tons of people out there have blogs that cover hobbies, lifestyles, and relationships. Blogs are a wonderful way to showcase artwork, as well. Creating a blog is easy and inexpensive. That’s why children are even starting their own blogs. To keep track of what your child is doing online, considering downloading a cell phone spy onto their phone. Plus, blogging is also faster now than ever before. If you’re ready to start your own blog, here’s how to get started.

Pick A Domain

Your domain name is the name of your site. So, pick one that represents what you’re going to blog about. You might want to get a domain of your actual name if you’re trying to build your personal brand. Whatever you pick, it should be something that is simple and easy to remember. That’s how I ended up choosing “Arting Pot.” The best blogs have names that people remember. If you remember a suspicious blog name that your child mentioned, you can look into it with a cell phone spy program.

Once you have picked a name, you’ll have to do a search to see if that domain is available. Try a site like to see if your preferred domain is available. If it is, you can register it for around $10 or less. You might have to get creative if it isn’t, though. Try other word combinations or spellings. Once you have decided on an available domain and register it, you need to pick a platform.

Blogging Platforms

Most bloggers choose WordPress.
WordPress is the most popular blogging platform out there.

There are many different blog platforms that you can choose from. While there are several good free blogging platforms, WordPress is the most popular by far. I use it myself. It’s free, but you do need to have a hosting plan. Hosting plans cost as little as $1 per month on some sites, so they’re not expensive. Using a cell phone spy can help you see if your child is trying to spend money on a domain name or hosting. If you want to use WordPress, sign up for a hosting plan first. You can usually get hosting from the same company that you used to register the domain. is a popular one. Once your hosting plan is active, you should be able to install WordPress.

If you want to use a platform that doesn’t require a hosting plan, you can choose from sites like and These sites have monthly fees, but you don’t need anything except for a domain name to get started. The interfaces are easy to use and offer plenty of professionally designed, customizable templates. You can also integrate shopping carts if you want to sell items. If you’re trying to build a personal brand, you can add portfolios and galleries.


Once you have your blog set up, it’s time to start posting. Blog posts should be simple, clear, and broken up into small paragraphs. Think about how you read things online. Do you read them word for word or do you skim through them? Most people skim. So, your blog posts should be set up in small chunks. Remember to post regularly, too. That’s important when you’re trying to build an audience. You don’t have to post new blogs every day. But, you should always post according to the same schedule each week so that people will know when to expect a new post.