What To Do With All The Old Tech Toys Your Kids Don’t Want

Here are some tips on selling devices that you don't need anymore, unless you're looking for a free sms tracker without installing on target phone.

If your kids just got all the latest tech toys for Christmas, what are you going to do with last year’s gadgets that they don’t play with anymore? You can be sure that they no longer use them by using a free SMS tracker without installing on target phone. This will let you trace all of the activity on a smartphone or tablet. Because tech toys are so expensive, a lot of parents face this dilemma. They hate to just throw away perfectly good, slightly used tech toys like handheld video games, console systems, older iPads and tablets, and older model phones. There are lots of plenty of things you can do with those outdated gadgets. And there are kids out there who would love to play with them, even though they’re older. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to buy your kids the hottest tech toys, here’s what you can do with the ones they no longer want.

Resell Them

Sell your kid's old console when you buy the new one.
The newest video game console will seem less expensive when you sell your kid’s old one.

There are many video game shops and retail stores that will buy back your old electronics. Of course, you won’t get as much as you paid for them. But selling your older consoles can help offset how expensive the newest gadgets are. If you want to try to make some of your money back on those devices, resell them to a shop. You can also sell them online using Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or eBay. Just make sure that you erase the memory on your devices before you sell them. This includes deleting any free SMS tracker without installing on target phone. Otherwise, someone else could have your child’s information and photos.

Donate Them

If you want those older toys to go to kids who will really appreciate them, donate them to a charity. There are plenty out there that provide electronic toys to kids who are hospitalized and battling serious diseases. Charity Nerds is one great example. Children who are in the hospital with leukemia, cancer, and other diseases could need some fun games and distractions. But unfortunately, many of their parents can’t afford to pay for high tech toys, on top of their child’s medical bills.

Donating your old gadgets, as long you no longer need them for a free SMS tracker without installing on target phone, is a great way to help out some kids in need. In fact, you could have your children even make some cards and letters for them. Then, just box up the gadgets, cards, letters, and send them off as care packages to kids who need them. This will also teach your children about the joy of giving and helping others. It might even make them a little more grateful for their good health and all their toys.

You can also donate old tech toys to a homeless, women’s, or children’s shelter. When women have to leave an abusive situation, or are living in a shelter, their kids often don’t have any toys. Giving them handheld video games and tablets is a great way for them to distract themselves and have fun.