Why I Gave Up On Online Dating

online dating


When I got a divorce a few months ago,  I have not been single in almost 20 years. But when I found out he was cheating from using an app I found on Best Cell Phone Spy Apps, I wasn’t sure how to go about meeting people again. Everyone told me that online dating was the way to go so I signed up. The sheer number of people on these sites was overwhelming. And it seemed like no one took the time to actually read my profile. If they liked my photo they sent a message and if not they ignored me. And the messages I was getting!

online dating
Everyone Deserves Someone

The Setup

I was uncomfortable but I knew I had to give it a shot. I went on exactly four dates with guys from online dating sites and every single one was a total disaster. After the last one, which was the worse by far, I decided to quit online dating. Maybe at one time, online dating was a good way to meet people but now it’s terrible. It’s the digital equivalent of a meat market singles bar and the chances of my finding someone to have a serious relationship with online were about zero.

online dating
Love Can Happen Anytime

Instead, I started using targeted dating apps on my phone. Some of these apps are very small because they are designed to target certain niches, like movie lovers, single parents, or people who like particular activities (like cameras!). I connect with people who only are on the app because they are interesting and similar. It narrowed the dating pool but made it more selective and less overwhelming.

The Verdict

Several of the men I dated from apps I am still friends with today.  Online dating may have been the best way to meet someone ten years ago but these days it’s just another digital wasteland. Finding someone that you can really connect with is much easier to do on apps or on social media, and at least most of those are free. Paying for access to a dating site is really just throwing money away and wasting time on bad dates.